May 20, 2018

In other news...

I think round about April which is the last time before the most recent post I actually wrote something I was talking about what was going on at the job.

So, here’s the thing...

Work has been fine.


As a matter of fact, I can honestly say that for the last two months going on three the job has been uneventful and even dare I say it, enjoyable at times.

First off, a lot’s happened.

We got bought! The company I work for got gobbled up by a bigger company. The company was originally a French company but it was gobbled up by a larger American company. We haven’t seen anything on the ground as it were in the way of changes but they’re happening. Culture hasn’t really changed at this point and I probably should be worried because whenever these things happen people lose their jobs but for the moment that was kind of big news.

It happened back on Valentine’s Day and there have been some high level meetings going on. Apparently mice and all our space is the preferred space because of its location (even with the terrible mice problem we have in the office - I MEAN HUGE MICE PROBLEM, not huge mice just they never seem to be able to get rid of them).

High level people from the new company have been floating around the office I guess getting the lay of the land to make changes down the road at some point.

Now, on the flip side... the account I had been bought in and working on pretty much since the start of my employment slowed down quite a bit (although that’s changing) and because some other accounts were busy it was decided I should work on them.

Let me qualify that, people want me to work on their accounts.

That’s kind of a nice thing, you know.

The other thing is that after the account I’m on, these other accounts are far, far easier to work on. So instead of working on Colgate, I’ve been working on Bayer and most recently Pinnacle (Birds Eye and other stuff). While I wasn’t doing so much layout work (that’s a story for another day maybe that involves being handed a 400 layer photoshop file, I KID YOU NOT) because the account people on Colgate didn’t feel I was up to the task (this is just more disconnect since I was the one who solved a few of the bigger problems at the outset), now I have been getting more of that work and funnily enough the news may have actually gotten back to the account team I’ve been working with.

I like that, I mean... the job isn’t perfect but I’m managing.

It’s been quiet too! Quiet in the sense that there is a lot less sturm and drang for the last few months.

See, I got the flu back in January and was out because of that and then something happened in late February and I wound up being off for a week because of that and while I was out one of my co-workers sent me the most wonderful note... they empathized with what I was going through at the moment but they said they had news which would likely cheer me up and they were right.

My boss got himself fired.

Now, honestly I don’t wish ill on people, or really I try not to. Whether it’s karma or Christian or whatever you want to call it, it doesn’t seem right and I don’t want to be that person (even though it’s way, way too easy for me to be embrace that).

Yet I have to say, while I was feeling horrible during that time (and still suffering from the effects) I was indeed walking around my house with a huge smile on my face at the thought of going back and not having to deal with one particular person.

The truth of it is, the job has returned to what it was the first couple of weeks I was there before my old boss took over the responsibilities of my department, a normal job. That’s really all that’s necessary just none of this weird bullshit that was going on on a daily basis.

Now, I had spoken to HR and quite a few of my fellow workers had as well. The guy was just a disaster, drinking in the office, an obvious alcohol problem that manifested itself in late arrivals, a disheveled appearance and mood swings. The inappropriate behavior though was just a lawsuit waiting to happen and apparently the scuttlebutt was that there was some inappropriate and suggestive language being used towards younger folk of the opposite gender that had been bought to the attention of the folks responsible and pfffffttttt! Like that after a previous warning he was out the door!

I heard some of it after the fact, after I got back in the office gossip grapevine and even I was gobsmacked by it.

A few days later through a friend I sent off a bunch of leads to be passed along. I just didn’t want to report to the guy but being out of work just sucks.

Life though without has been calm, not calm in the sense that there hasn’t been work or occasional drama, just not the daily drama that was going on.

This past week the replacement started and the temperament is obviously very different but most important of all, it’s a fellow Mets fan that I’ll be reporting to and as every Mets fan knows we are nothing if not a unique breed.

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